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1、人家怕你,并不是一种福,人家欺你,并不是一种辱。The somebody else be afraid of you, is not a blessing, the someb…

1、人家怕你,并不是一种福,人家欺你,并不是一种辱。The somebody else be afraid of you, is not a blessing, the somebody else cheat you, is not an insult.2、价值产生信心,信心产生热忱,而热忱则征服世界。Value have confidence, confidence, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm to conquer the world.3、不知道自己无知,乃是双倍的无知。I don”t know his own ignorance, but a double ignorance.4、希望便是快乐,创造便是快乐。Hope is happiness, create will be happy.5、走得最急的,都是最美的风景;伤得最深的,也总是那些最真的感情。Go the most urgent, is the most beautiful scenery; Wound deepest, also always the most true feelings.6、不要回避苦恼和困难,挺起身来向它挑战,进而克服它。Don”t shy away from pain and difficulty, stand to it challenges, and overcome it.7、决定一个人的一生,以及整个命运的,只是一瞬之间。Decide a person”s life, and the entire fate, is just a blink.8、幸运并非没有许多的恐惧与烦恼;厄运也并非没有许多的安慰与希望。Prosperity is not without many fears and disasters; Adversity is not without a lot of comfort and hope.9、能说不能做,不是真智慧。Can say not to do, is not true wisdom.10、每一种创伤,都是一种成熟。Each kind of trauma, is a kind of mature.11、深窥自己的心,而后发觉一切的奇迹在你自己。Deep insights into their own heart, and then find all the miracles in yourself.12、在命运的颠沛中,最可以看出人们的气节。In fate had, the most can see people of integrity.13、狂妄的人有救,自卑的人没有救。Prideful people, not the self-contempt.14、要想一下子全知道,就意味着什么也不会知道。If you want to know all at once, you mean what also don”t know.15、希望的灯一旦熄灭,生活刹那间变成了一片黑暗。Suddenly the lights once out of hope, life into a dark.16、在意志面前,决无办不到的事。In front of the will, should have no impossible things.17、我喜欢离开人们通行的小路,而走荆棘丛生的崎岖山路。I like to leave people traffic lane, and rugged walk is fraught with risk.18、一个人所能做的就是做出好榜样,要有勇气在风言风语的社会中坚定地高举伦理的信念。A man can do is to make a good example, have the courage in the ears of the social elite whose exalted ethical beliefs.19、平静的湖面,炼不出精悍的水手;安逸的环境,造不出时代的伟人。Calm water of the lake, refined out of small sailor; Comfort zone, made out in the era of great men.20、既然我已经踏上这条道路,那么,任何东西都不应妨碍我沿着这条路走下去。Now that I have set foot on the road, so, nothing should prevent me to go along this road.21、为了在生活中努力发挥自己的作用,热爱人生吧。In order to try to play their role in life, love of life.22、做正确的事是成功的领导者,正确地做事是成功的管理者。Do the right thing is successful leaders, is successful managers do things correctly.23、当一个人用工作去迎接光明,光明很快就会来照耀着他。When a man use work to welcome the light, the light will soon come over him.24、伟大的事业,需要决心,能力,组织和责任感。Great cause, need determination, ability, organization and responsibility.25、吃了就一定要拉,人一定要学会随缘放下,否则就会便秘。世上的事,不如己意者,那是当然的。Things in the world, not as good as their own, of course.27、你若要喜爱你自己的价值,你就得给世界创造价值。If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world.28、不要在你的智慧中夹杂着傲慢。不要使你的谦虚心缺乏智慧。Don”t in your wisdom with pride. Don”t make your modesty of lack of wisdom.29、上帝为了补偿人间诸般烦恼事,给了我们希望和睡眠。To compensate all troubles on earth, god gives us hope and sleep.30、耐心和恒心总会得到报酬的。Patience and perseverance will get paid.31、伟大的事业是根源于坚韧不断的工作,以全副精神去从事,不避艰苦。Great cause is rooted in tough work, with full spirit to do, not hard.32、意志目标不在自然中存在,而在生命中蕴藏。Will the target does not exist in nature, but lies in the life.33、常以为别人在注意你,或希望别人注意你的人,会生活的比较烦恼。Always think others in attention you, or want other people to pay attention to your people, will live an annoyance.34、别说别人可怜,自己更可怜,自己修行又如何?自己又懂得人生多少?Don”t say other people poor, they are poor, their spiritual practice? Themselves and understand life?35、希望是坚强的勇气,是新生的意志。Hope is a strong courage, is the will of the newborn.36、宁可自己去原谅别人,莫让别人来原谅你。Better to forgive others, don”t let others to forgive you.37、我们只以坚持不断的努力,http://Www.1juzI.coM/才能够抗拒这不可战胜的灰心失望。We only to persist in efforts to resist the invincible discouraged.38、完成工作的方法,是爱惜每一分钟。The method of work, is to cherish every minute.39、我们若已接受最坏的,就再没有什么损失。If we have accepted the worst, we have no loss again.40、人类总不会寂寞,以为生命是进步的,是天生的。Humans will not be lonely, thought that life is a progress, is born.41、心是最大的骗子,别人能骗你一时,而它却会骗你一辈子。Heart is the biggest cheater, others can cheat you at that time, and it will cheat you for a lifetime.42、抛弃今天的人,不会有明天;而昨天,不过是行去流水。Abandoned people today, there will be no tomorrow; And yesterday, but is flowing water line.43、情执是苦恼的原因,放下情执,你才能得到自在。Of board is the cause of the distress feeling, put down the feeling of, you can be at ease.44、人生意义的大小,不在乎外界的变迁,而在乎内心的经验。The change of the size of the meaning of life, don”t care about the outside world, and care about the inner experience.45、人生有两出悲剧。一是万念俱灰;另一是踌躇满志。There are two tragedy in life. One is the apathy; The other is hopeful.46、只有把抱怨环境的心情,化为上进的力量,才是成功的保证。Only you turn your complaints of environments into the strength to strive for the better is the guarantee of success.47、自以为拥有财富的人,其实是被财富所拥有。Thinks he has a wealth of people, in fact is wealth.48、接受挑战,就可以享受胜利的喜悦。Accept the challenge, can enjoy the joy of victory.49、普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time; a man of talent tries to use it.50、读书是在别人思想的帮助下,建立起自己的思想。Reading is in thought, with the help of others to build their own thoughts.51、人之所以痛苦,在于追求错误的东西。People are suffering, lies in the pursuit of the wrong things.52、努力学习,勤奋工作,让青春更加光彩。Study hard, work hard, make the youth more glorious.53、坚强的信心,能使平凡的人做出惊人的事业。Strong confidence, can make the ordinary people to make amazing career.54、抛弃时间的人,时间也抛弃他。Abandoning time person, time also abandoned him.55、我的努力求学没有得到别的好处,只不过是愈来愈发觉自己的无知。I didn”t get other benefits, effort study is just more and find his own ignorance.56、不要为已消尽之年华叹息,必须正视匆匆溜走的时光。Don”t have as time sigh, must face up to in a hurry the time slip away.57、当你做成功一件事,千万不要等待着享受荣誉,应该再做那些需要的事。When you succeed in doing one thing, don”t wait for the enjoy honor, should be to do those who need it.58、离去,让事情变得简单,人们变得善良,像个孩子一样,我们重新开始。Leave, make things simple, people become good, like a child, we start again.59、在希望与失望的决斗中,如果你用勇气与坚决的双手紧握着,胜利必属于希望。In the duel of hope and disappointment, if you use courage and resolutely hands clutching, victory will belong to hope.60、意志若是屈从,不论程度如何,它都帮助了暴力。If will give, no matter how much it has helped the violence.61、忘掉今天的人将被明天忘掉。Forget today will be forgotten tomorrow.62、坚强的信念能赢得强者的心,并使他们变得更坚强。Strong belief can win the heart of the strong, and make them stronger.63、先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你。Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.64、意志是一个强壮的盲人,倚靠在明眼的跛子肩上。Will is a strong blind, on the bright eye of the lame man”s shoulder.65、毁灭人只要一句话,培植一个人却要千句话,请你多口下留情。One destroy people as long as one sentence, but thousand words, watch your show.66、愚昧从来没有给人带来幸福;幸福的根源在于知识。Ignorance never bring happiness; Happiness is rooted in knowledge.67、不是某人使我烦恼,而是我拿某人的言行来烦恼自己。Not someone to make me worry, but I take someone”s words and deeds to trouble yourself.68、我一贯力求思想不受束缚。I always thought is not bound.69、当你对自己诚实的时候,世界上没有人能够欺骗得了你。When you”re honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.70、当你劝告别人时,若不顾及别人的自尊心,那么再好的言语都没有用的。When you advise others, if you don”t care about other people”s self-esteem, so it is a good words are useless.71、只有恒心可以使你达到目的,只有博学可以使你明辨世事。Only persistence can make you achieve a goal, only knowledge can make you right from the world.72、你什么时候放下,什么时候就没有烦恼。What time do you put down, when there is no trouble.73、虽然我们不能改变周遭的世界,我们就只好改变自己。Although we can”t change the world around, we had to change yourself.74、青年是我们的未来,是我们的希望。Youth is our future, it is our hope.75、能够岿然不动,坚持正见,度过难关的人是不多的。Able to stay upright, insist on is seen, through the people are few and far between.76、我要扼住命运的咽喉,它休想使我屈服。I will take fate by the throat, it won”t make me give in.77、具有寻常的才干而具有不寻常的恒心,一切都可获致。With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all can be achieved.78、信仰,是人们所必须的。什么也不信的人不会有幸福。Belief, it is necessary to people. What also don”t believe the one who is, won”t have happiness.79、人生苦短,若虚度年华,则短暂的人生就太长了。Life is short, if to idle away one”s time, short life would be too long.80、利用时间是一个极其高级的规律。Use of time is a very advanced.81、只要持续地努力,不懈地奋斗,就没有征服不了的东西。As long as the continuous efforts, unremitting struggle, no not things.82、哪里有天才,我是把别人喝咖啡的工夫都用在了工作上了。Where there is a genius, I”m with all the others drink coffee time on the job.83、世界上那些最容易的事情中,拖延时间最不费力。The most easy thing in the world, the delay time is the least effort.


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